3 Steps to Creating the Perfect Toddler's Room

A child's room is such a transformative space in their lives. It is a place to play, imagine, explore, dream and discover. However, designing a room for your child can often be overwhelming. With so many ideas floating around the internet, you may wonder what to do and where do I start? Today, were breaking down the process and sharing how to create the perfect space for your child!



Lets first start by simplifying the process. Each bedroom needs three main areas: A place to rest, a place to learn and a place to play and grow their imagination! Lets start with the easiest, a place to rest. Invest in a good bedframe and matress as this peice they can utilitze from a young age through their teenager years and into adult hood. Next the bedding, Choose bedding that are cool and comfortable. I love adding a playful pattern in the sheets and layering a solid comforter. Dont invest too much in the bedding because toddlers are sure to have accidents and may quickly grow out of the paw patrol bedding they talked you into while browzing the aisles at target! Next pillows, Layer standard pillows with fun accents in bright colors and playful prints for the perfect look.


 Next, inspire children with a place to play. This doesn't mean they need all their toys in their room, because come bedtime they those items will be thrown every where and they will never want to sleep! Instead, Choose a few main key items that inspire creativity and imagination and keep them in a small basket or bin in the corner of the room.



Finally, creating an area for your litle one to learn. This often takes shape in the form of books. You can add a bookshelf, keep them stacked under a night stand or on shelves in a room. Choose books that are age appropriate and swap out whats available from week to week.


Now that wasn't so complicated and better yet they are small, inexpensive changes you can start to implement one by one until the whole space comes together! I can't wait to see what you come up with. Share your photos of your new space and tag me so I can see the awesome work youv'e done!




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