30 Week Update: "She Believed She Could So She Did"

This week marked 30 weeks into our pregnancy journey and I am so thrilled to be out of the scary 20's. It just sounds and feels so much better to be at this point vs. 27,28,29 weeks. I have now been on bedrest for almost 5 weeks and am just shy of our goal of 32 weeks and I have great faith and determnation to make it to our goal! 

Today we saw Dr. Oliver for our weekly check up/BPP/NST. Over the past week my blood pressures and symptoms have increased some. Although I do have some great pressures 115/65 at times, they have been staying in the 130's-140's/80 routinely during the days. Each week, they seam to trend a bit higher over the range from the week before. I have began to have some mild headaches from time to time, bouts of nausea and am 

hyperreflexive. I also gained 4 lbs this week and believe me, its not all baby weight! On average, its recomended for you to gain 1lb a week so 4lbs is defaintely an indicator that I am retaining water and preeclampsia is taking greater effect. In some good news, my kidney/liver labs came back WNL (within normal limits) however, my 24 hour urine collection came back on the very high end of normal from proteinuria. This is a value they check for in collaboration with the other labs when monitoring Pre-E. 


Little Miss did well for her ultrasound. Fluid Levels, umbilical cord pressures and diaphram movements all were great for her gestation. We also got to check her size and she is weighing at 3 lbs 11 oz!! So big! I felt so great hearing this and feel so hopeful for her abilities if/when she is to arrive early! We did our weekly Non Stress Test (NST) and she did better than her usual even reaching a heart rate of 170 this time for a few moments. She is just a happy baby who heart rate varies very little and likes to hang out at 155 all the time. Since we didn't quite make our markers again, our doctor is referring  us to a perinatologist to get their opinions on her non-reactive tests. Im confident everything is A-Okay, but am always happy to do more and get a full picture of her development. Plus ill never say no to an opportunity to see her cute face again! 


So what does this all mean?


In speaking with our doctor, she feels confident, based on how my labs and symptoms are trending that we can make it to 32 weeks before my symptoms are severe enough to warrant a delivery. Some days, I feel really hopeful that we can make it to September before a delivery will be necessary. Realistically, it seams we are hopeful for between 32-34 weeks. Grant it, my pressures and symptoms could spike tomorrow, so everything really is a guessing game based of how things look currently, how they are trending from the weeks before and Dr. Oliver's amazing experince and expertise! For a delivery to be determined necessary my pressure will have to be 160+/100+ or elevated labs/symptoms indicating systemic effects are taking place. When its no longer safe for me to carry baby, based off of these things, we will then have to deliver via cesarean. 


The idea of her arriving early still makes me nervous for her overall wellness, but I feel so much better to have made it to this point! I have adjusted to the idea of a cesarean delivery, but I am sure the day of I will be a anxious as everthing takes place, which, who wouldn't! I am hopeful as each week that passes she will require less medical intervention once she is born. Ryan and I both have spoke about realistic expectations and are keeping in mind that CPAP/Oxygen and NG tube for feedings will most likely be needed. We are blessed to both be nurses and have seen babies in NICU before and be familiar with these things prior to our own child's experience. 


Each day is another day we can give to our sweet little one to grow and develop and we are so close to reaching our primary goal of 32 weeks! I love to look over this quote I found at the beginning of my pregnancy "She believed she could, so she did" to inspire fearless determination to push through each day.  I hope that our little girl feels just as inspired by these words when overcoming hurdles in her life: that what you set your mind to and work hard at, you can achieve! 


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