It's Fall Yall! I have been anxiously awaiting October 1st, the kick start to all the wonderful holidays season this year! To welcome the change of season, we spent October 1st at Sweet Berry Farms!  A close friend recommended coming here and we are so glad we did! Coming from South Austin, it was just a short road trip to Marble Falls, TX to this wonderful place! 


Clark immediately found himself a pumpkin out of a bin close to the entrance. He called it his "bumpkin" which was so adorable! I love how quickly he picks up new words and it is so cute hearing him discover his voice. He was very interested in all there was to see at Sweet Berry and there was a lot that they offered! I love that they did not charge parking or enterance fees, so you only paid for what you did or took. 


As we explored all the different pumpkin's, Clark was determinded to select his own. His independence is already in full swing! Shockingly enough, he just about picked up this 5lb pumpkin on his own. 


 They found their pumpkin equivalent! 

It was so tempting for this little one to climb up this pumpkin mound. Just a little help from mom to find the perfect spot! So lucky we didn't cause a landslide! 

All I wanted was one picture with my little pumpkin. He was saying no to paparazzi mom, but we managed this one picture without him squirming and screaming "no", so that's a win in my book!

Once it dawned on us that it was probably lunch time (I guess us parents were a bit excited to be here too) we grabbed a snack and kept exploring. They had face painting, scarecrow stuffing, bounce house, pony rides, tractor rides and much more. Clark found this little tractor and was smitten! I guess we have a little farm boy on our hands! We had to pry him away once there was a line of other little ones wanting their turn on the tractor. 


 When we we not pickin' clark insisted on pushing the cart himself. All.By.Himself. 

 A friendly visit at the petting zoo. Clark was cautiously curious but didn't quite like these new animals. "bye bye" and we were off to the next activity. 


Sweet Berry not only has pumpkin pickin', they also have these gorgeous fields of zinnias to pick from too! Ryan and I really enjoyed this, but it was only a matter of time before Mr. Clark Jackson was having his allergies act up and was not happy about being told no to using the sizzors. Independence is a blessing and a curse. The meltdowns started quickly after that. Our bouquet of flowers was a bit smaller than we hoped but still full of beautiful blooms! 

Sweet moments with daddy before the melt down began.  This man was so fun, loving and patient with Clark today. I love seeing my boys together and it makes me so happy to watch them interact and grow not only as father and son but as friends too! 


Just grabbing a few more to round out our batch! 

Oh what a great day it was!  I have so much happiness in my heart for the wonderful memories made today! Although we had a few melt downs, we were constantly smiling and loving the day spent together! After all the fun we had, I think we have just established a new family tradition! Thank you Sweet Berry Farms, we will see you the first weekend in October next year! 




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