Your Solution to Creating Compelling Copy That Generates More Sales For Your Next Launch! 


Generating sales in your business can be challenging: 

  • You have been working hard to build an audience but for some reason your offer keeps falling flat!

  • Your feeling frustrated that all your hard work to creating the perfect course isn't being seen by the people who need it!  

  • And if you don't start generating sales... how can you stay in business or make the impact you want to through your platform? 

  • You have a solution you know can serve others! 

  • You are ready to take action and make a difference through the work that you do!

  • Your excited for the opportunity to earn the big bucks and make big impact in the lives of those who sign up for your program! 


But What is holding you back from stress and frustration of your offer falling through and completing your biggest launch to date? 
You need the RIGHT MESSAGE so that your audience knows you have the solution they have been looking for!

It's time people know who you are and are excited to sign up to work specifically with you because you have positioned your business in the right way to deepen audience relationships and share an inspiring message that empowers them to opt in to your offer! 

You already know you have a solution that could help your dream clients but simply slapping a on price tag on a checkout page is not enough to convince your audience they are making the right decision.


There is a framework to writing a compelling sales page that gets you the results you want in your business!



And I am sharing this exact framework in my course


A 4-week group coaching program to walk your through developing your own empowering sales content so that you can start working with more clients in your business and make greater income and impact through your work!

In this program we will do a deep dive into these core areas:

Your offer

Create and Clarify Your Offer Statement 

your audience

Deep Dive into what your audience needs to know before they sign up! 

Your message

Share the message your audience needs to hear to know you are the solution they have been looking for! 

Call to action

Empower your audience to opt into your offer! 

+ BONUS: Ad Lib Sale Page Framework to take away the stressful work out of writing your sale page and easily fill in the blanks from the work that is completed through the course so that you can confidently put your best foot forward in your next launch and share a message you know will resonate with your audience!

How Do I know this will work for me? 

-There is a conversation we all have in our heads when we go to make a frameworks walks this conversation your audience is already having in their head to show them the value in your offer and encourage them sign up with you! (Think of it as your writing as the best friend who goes shopping with your potential clients and encourages her to buy the cute shoes she already knows she wants to have!) 

Hey There,  

I'm Melinda!

I help mission driven business create compelling copy that positions their business for income and impact! I know you want to make a difference through your business but without generating sales, you wont be able to make the income or impact you want to! It's time to create your compelling brand message so that you can start working with clients and live out your dreams through your business! 

It's your time to take action so you can get the results you have been dreaming of  in your business!

These could be your results too! 


"Melinda is extremely talented and I thank her for sharing that talent with us!"


 "It's been truly a joy to work with Melinda. I feel like she has been the missing ingredient in our success!"


"In one conversation with Melinda, I generated $3,000.00 in the first 5 hours of my launch" 

If you know what is possible through this course, what is holding you back from taking action to get the results you have been hoping for? 
-I Worry about feeling like sleazy salesmen: 
So many people feel this way, so know your not alone... but how is feeling nervous about selling holding you back in your business? To keep your company running you must make an income which means selling is inevitable. But together we can work on your mindset and give you script that present an opportunity that serves your audience needs. 
-I Don't have the time to commit to a course: 
As a busy mom of two, I understand limited time in hectic schedule that is why I broke down this content into key sections that are easy to watch and created fill in the blank resources to creating your content pieces so that you can make the progress in your business with minimal effort. 
-I Don't have the money to invest in my business: 
What is the price you will pay if you do not invest in your business and continue to see limited growth? What could be possible if you made this investment today and saw increased growth and revenue because you did take action today to get the help you need to succeed? 
-I just started my business and don't know my offer well enough:
Now is the perfect time to start! I will help you clarify your offer and who you are serving so that you can jump start your business by sharing a message that speaks directly to the audience you hope to attract! 
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