Write This Down! Important Dates For Our Summer Launch

Hey Yall! I am so glad to have each of you who were able to join in this morning! Today I have so many fun details to share with you about the launch of our summer pillow collection!

First off I wanted to give some back ground information for those who haven’t heard the full scoop!

What I am doing:

-Children’s Pillow line featuring playful prints and bold patterns designed with our mission in mind, to inspire childhood!

Why I am doing it:

- Childhood is meant to be playful, fun, and exciting. Your meant to push boundaries, take big leaps and dream of far away places. Our pillows transform a room into a delightful space and each collection speaks to the heart of a child through bold color, fun prints and words of affirmation. We want to help foster that vivacious spirit of self-discovery and encourage kids that their daydreams can become a reality!

About our pillows:

- Size options 18inx18 in, 20in x20in and 12x20in

-Playful prints and bold patterns

-Exposed Brass Zipper

-Washable for all those kiddo messes

-Not including the fill-buy on amazon 2 for $8 bucks-I can’t beat that price.

Mix & Match Designs:

-Primary Prints available year round

-Seasonal Patterns available for only a few months

-Change them out for fun all year long!

Seasonal prints 4-5 offerings a year. Items only available for set time then halt production. Best to buy what you like when you like it

Give Back-

We are a brand for kids and want to support and encourage children of all abilities to be their best selves. A portion of each sale will be set aside to create spaces for children in need, giving them a room to grow, play and dream!

Important Dates:

-Summer Preview Fri June 1st: Ill be showing off all the prints and patterns available this summer!

-Monday June 4th- Pre-sale available for friends and family! Orders will be shipped at end of the month. Sign up for newsletter for exclusive insights and incentives

-July 2nd: Site Launch! Our Grand Opening! Keep an eye out for fun freebies and giveaways!

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