Transitioning to a Gluten and Dairy Free Lifestyle

For awhile now I have not been feeling my best. I wake up nauseous, dizzy most days. I started noticing a rash on my arms that would itch from time to time, not what you want to show off in this season of tank tops and short sleeves. I have battled with brain fog and, forgetting words of things I just had in my hand or went to do. Every time I had a meal, my belly would become bloated, sometimes even after just a few bites. I felt like a minature michelin man because from my face to fingers, my whole body felt puffy. I also have a feeling of nervousness or shakiness and often want to sit down fromthe unsteadiness. I especially notice this feeling of shakiness, or jitteryness when I lay down in bed a night. My mood has also been effected, I am short and grouchier than my usual upbeat self and I snap alot faster when I become frustrated, something that I have never done before. I also am fatigued, like so tired.... ALL. THE. TIME. For most of the year, I have been attributing my various symptoms to adjusting as a working mom, a busy stressful year, a baby that doesn't sleep through the night. Days, weeks, months went by and I still felt bad. I started thinking maybe its something more. So, I decided to look into things. I noticed a trend with many searches alluding to gluten allergy or sensitivites. I called to schedule a doctors appointment to talk about how I was feeling, only to find it would be a month before I could be seen. Not wanting to wait to feel better I decided I would start to implement some changes myself to try to feel better. So I decided to start by going 2 weeks gluten and dairy free to see how I feel.

The past two weeks adjusting to a gluten free and dairy free diet have been surprisingly easier than I expected. The First day I went to HEB and found many GF options or subsitutes I could use for my favorite meals. As yall know, I love to bake and found a GF flour right away so I could keep my sweet tooth satisfied. The first 4 days my tummy was very upset, thankfully from some research I knew this "gluten detox" was possible. After that time, things began to normalize and I began to feel less bloated and puffy overall, which were two symptoms I was happy to do away with! Since then I would say some of my symptoms have improved but have not dissappeared like I would like, which may just mean there is a bigger root cause or I havn't given things enough time. I am excited to speak with my doctor more next week and will continue GF/DF for the time being in hopes I continue to make progress with my symptoms!

Alright, I want to share some strategies that have helped make these past few weeks so smooth. First you have to start with a plan! I planned out the complete two weeks of meals because I knew it would be too easy to say yes to a gluten filled meal if I was too stressed about what I should make after a long and busy day. Second, Keep GF snacks on hand. Like anyone, I often get hungry between meals and simple healthy snacks help curve those cravings to induldge. I had apples, bananas, GF granola mix, strawberries and PB on hand for when the time came and it was such a tasty treat. Lastly, dont look at the scale! Changing your diet is not just about loosing weight but about feeling better. You may transition your diet to GF/DF and never loose a pound but if you are feeling lighter or more energized everything is working as it should be!

I hope this helps you if you are trialing out gluten or dairy free lifestyle or are supporting someone who is. Oh and about those GF/DF ginger peach muffins... they turned out amazing and I will be sharing the recipe soon!

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