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For those of us living with lactose intolerance, life can be quite discouraging trying to navigate the culinary world without dairy. Life without pizza with football and dessert sin a la mode is quite despairing. I was always extremely envious of those who enjoyed the creamy goodness without consequences.

And then, a wonderful thing happened as food allergies and food intolerance issues gained more awareness. Several wonderful companies created lactose free ice cream and the world has been a much sweeter place since!

I will admit that I was actually very hesitant to trying the new varieties. It has been well over a year since I have eaten ice cream and I feared a bad reaction to one of their “lactose free” varieties having bad experiences from hidden ingredients in other foods. However, I decided the reward was well worth the risk and I made the very challenging sacrifice for everyone to try out all the lactose free varieties out there!

Here's The Scoop!

Nada Moo

Coconut Milk

Price: $4.98 pint

Flavors: Lotta Mint Chip, Java Crunch, Do Chocolate, Creamy Coconut, Salted Carmel, Vanilla...Ahh

The Scoop: You know a company with such a clever name is gonna do it right and I was very pleased. Nada Moo was the creamiest brand and offered the biggest selection of flavors. My favorite of these was Java Crunch because what mom doesn't love coffee and could use the extra caffeine. The flavor was a medium roast just like my favorite cup of joe.

Ben & Jerry's

Almond Milk

Price: $4.48

Flavors: PB and Cookies, Chunky Monkey

The Scoop: Staying true to Ben & Jerry's these flavors are packed with chunks and ooey goodness! The Nuttyness of the almond milk was tasted but blended into the flavor of the peanut butter through out the ice cream. I am a big fan of these flavors and I am hopefull, like their other traditional ice cream flavors, they switch out what varieties they offer throughout the year.

SO Delicious

Coconut Milk

Price: $4.48

Flavors: Mint Chip, Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Vanilla Bean

The Scoop: So delicious really is SO Tasty! At first, I tasted a strong hint of coconut from the milk, however with each bite it was less and less distinct. The consistency was more icy than creamy but once melted it was more similar to traditional ice cream. I loved the chocolate chip cookie dough chunks throughout and the vanilla was one of my favorite flavors overall!

The best thing about every flavor was that I NEVER had an upset tummy, even eating as much as I did! I am so happy to have so many options of lactose free ice cream to binge eat during Greys Anatomy and top off my cobblers this Thanksgiving! I hope you pick your favorite flavor and give them a try today!


I created some fun holiday flavors inspired by my favorite winter drinks! Grab a pint and try them out for yourself!

Caramel Brulee Latte:

-So Delicious Vanilla

-Smucker's Salted Caramel


Hot Chocolate:

-Nada Moo Do Chocolate

-Hot Chocolate Powder Mik

-Smucker's Hot Fudge-Heated


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