Summer Essentials

It’s True Summer may not start for a few more weeks but with weather consistently in the 90’s here in Austin, It definitely feels like summer has arrived! Being a Texas girl, I love the warm weather but there are a few summer essentials I couldn’t do without. Here are my list of summer must haves for our family!

Sunscreen: I know, it seams obvious. But you would be surprised how often and easy it is to forget to lotion up before a long day in the sun! I love this new product by Coppertone rather than the runny lotion or spray that always misses a spot, this sunscreen is in a whipped form that is super easy to apply and a lot of fun for the kids and offers the same great SPF 50 coverage.

Hat: Now my favorite is typically a ballcap but I just love these floopy sunhats with such cute phrases! This one was $5 in the dollar section at target and I see so many other cute ones all over (loft, old navy, Nordstrom) hats are great to accessories an outfit but as also another layer of protection from the sun.

Water Bottle: Here in Texas the summer days are HOT, HOT, HOT! I easily break a sweat just walking in the parking lot from my car into target. Its so easy to get dehydrated, so I always carry a full bottle of ice cold water wherever I go to keep hydrated. My favorite is Contigo brand from Target

Sprinklers: My favorite way to stay cool with the kiddos and running around in the sprinkler! Pottery Barn has these super fun ones that are perfect for hours of afternoon fun. I mean just look how cute!

Popsicle Mold: After a day in the sun, I love to reach for a cold Popsicle to cool off. Popsicle molds are perfect snack and offer a great activity to do inside with the kiddos when the AC sounds a lot better than the heat!

Summer Dress: A good dress is an instant outfit in itself and such a staple in these warm summer months. I love dresses that have a defined waist line giving you instant shape and are a bright color or have a fun pattern. LOFT always has my favorite selection of dresses that are perfect for picnics, date nights or a casual ballgame with the kids!

Picnic Blanket: My last summer staple is a durable picnic blanket, great for impromptu meals al fresco, a summer concert in the park & sitting in the outfield at a baseball game! This is one we constantly keep with us and couldn't do without. Be sure to pick one that is made od durable fabric that can be easily hosed down or thrown in the wash

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