Spring Room Refresh

Do you ever get that desire for a new look, fresh feel and pop of color to bring your room to life? Tired of living in a lackluster space or worried you can’t have a stylish space when living with kids? Good news is its all possible! I walk you through how to create your perfect space with intentional changes and additions that will transform your room to a space you are excited to come home to and never want to leave!

Here are the details if your up for the challenge!

Spring Room Refresh!

Max Budget: $500 (yes, this is totally doable!)

Timeline: 6 weeks (Starts Monday 3/19 Ends 4/23)


Choose your space! Living Room, Dining room, play room? What space needs a little pick me up?

Pick your color palate: Do you like bold and bright or soft and subtle? Pick hues you naturally gravitate too. if you still looking for inspiration? Head to your closet and see what colors you hanging in there.

Here are some suggestions:

Take Note of what you have that is staying and what items have served their purpose and are no longer needed. Since this is a room refresh and not a full transformation, you’ll probably be keeping your big items such as couch or bed, but may like to replace coffee table, accent tables lamps etc for a new look.

Make your shopping List: Now that we know what we have to work with, lets make a list for what we need. Here is an example below. Set appx budget for your items so you know how you can divide your costs to get the most from your money.

  • What Stays: couch, tv stand, decorative bins

  • What I need: lampx2 ($100), accent chair ($150), blanket ($25), throw pillows x5 various sizes ($120), candle ($20) , decorative vase ($30), 12x12 picture frames x3 ($55)

Time to shop! Ill be sharing some of my favorite finds over the next few weeks to give you inspiration for your own room refresh! But here are some quick and easy sites with great finds to get you started

  • Wayfair: just about everything you could want in your home from furniture to finishings. Can find bigger pieces that are still in your budget.

  • Target: All the cute sesonal items and accents you need

  • Home Goods: Perfect for those completer items (picture frames, pillows, throws and more)

  • Anthropologie: A little pricy but offers more unique items that will make a statement in your home.

  • Minted: my go to for stunning artwork

  • World Market: A little bit of everything at a good price!

Putting it all together! Now that all your items are in, its time to put everything in place. Remember the little details like pictures of your favorite moments, burning candles and fresh flowers

Join the email list for the spring room refresh challenge to get inside information on creating your perfect space, ill be checking in and coaching you on each week through the challenge! I can't wait to see how you transform your space this season! Until we get started next week, here is some pretty room inspiration!

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