"Play is the highest form of research" -Albert Einstein About the time Clark turned 6 months old I began to dream up a play space all his own. I imagined a room that was bright, inspiring, full of color, texture and pattern where he would sit in one spot all day and play, read and fill his brain with knowledge! Boy was I wrong lol I'm letting my first time mom ignorance show :) Okay, so clark never was in one space for very long... and the room isn't organized all that often, but it is a cute colorful space that hopefully inspires his interests!

The first item I purchased for this space was this 8x10 grey and white striped rug from overstock! It was the perfect base for this space because of the playful stripe pattern and it carried over our colors from the living room (across form the playroom). Stripes are one of my favorite patterns and I feel that boys and stripes just go together! Clark wears stripes in some form almost everyday! We are just slightly obsessed! To anchor the space I created this gallery wall with all our travel pictures and maps of places we have visited internationally! I love getting to see our adventures on a daily basis and think back to our time oversee's. I think it is so important for people to be respectful and accepting of people from all walks of life. I hope that by exposing Clark to all that is out there in the world, different cultures, foods, lifestyles that he will become a kind, compassionate, well rounded little boy. Hopefully these maps and photos will inspire converstions to teach about those values.

What better storage solution than cubes! They offer so much space and storage options and can be used in so many ways. I got mine here at target! I also love these bins that I picked up at target as well. They are so sturdy and are great for hiding all the toys Clark has accumulated. I plan to paint on white numbers one day, to break up the solid navy, but that is a project for another day. Clean up is a breaze with bins and baskets because you just pull one out and throw the toys in... no neatly stacking required and because all of it is durable and at kiddo height, they can help in the clean up!

In keeping with our international travel theme, my friend painted this sign that says hello in 6 different languages. Isn't it just adorable! She did such a nice job incorporating the bright colors and fun prints to help pull this space together!

Here's hoping he loves this space as much as I do!

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