My Little Chevy Man: Clark's Room Tour

Home Decor is so much fun but when it came to deciding how to decorate Clark's room I was a little indecisive. I wanted something that was "kiddish" but that he could also live in for a while with out it being too "baby" if you know what I mean :)

My room inspiration came for my husbands vehicle of choice, a chevy pick up, which he has driven ever since he turned 16. What could be more boyish than a dirty greasy ol truck! I used a mixture of modern furniture and vintage pieces. The two framed chevy adds are origionals from the 1920's and 1930's! How cool right! I think my husband was a little jealous that they were not going into our room!

This is actually a fairly small room which made furniture arrangement a challenge. How to fit a dresser/changing table, rocker, bed and a few toys all in a 8x10 space? Babies are tiny but man they need a lot of stuff !

We picked out this dresser from Ikea before we measured the room, which was a major mistake! (always measure your space first) But we made it work even though it takes up the most of the room. I just loved the blue color! After some furniture arrangement we settled on this layout.

It actually is a very cozy room and still enough open floor for clark to crawl and run around. After everything seamed blue and grey, we threw in some extra pops of red to brighten up the space even more!

I found many of the chevy truck signs at Hobby Lobby as well as the big letter C. The two truck ads are vintage from etsy and are my favorite pieces! I also love our wooden chevy box from Hobby Lobby that we keep all of our daily supplies in. It is so convient to have everything for diapers and messes right there in reach at all times!

Even though our dresser is large, it has been nice because Clark, even now that he is bigger, still fits on the changing table and it supports our diaper box and lamp too.

Clark actually slept in a bassinet for the first several months and we did not purchase and put together this crib until he was a bit older! I love the sleek white design and how it can transition to a toddler bed by removing a side when he gets to that age.

I love these playful patterned curtains from target! They help blend together all of the pieces in the room + it is such a fun print!

Just my little man enjoying his new bed!

Our Daily Essentials: Pampers Diapers + wipes. Vaseline for rashy bums, lotion, hand sanitizer for mom and dad, thermometer and nail kit.

This stop sign was the final item I have bought for the room and helped to carry the bright red on all corners of the room and create a cohesive look. I have since noticed that these are the same colors and patterns I tend to dress Clark in Daily, so I guess we like it quite a bit!

One more look a my cute chunky baby boy, can you believe how red his hair looked when he was this young! Time goes by too quick!

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