Kiddo Spring Fashion

I am already dreaming of spring and the warmer weather to come! Thankfully the stores are already speaking my language and recently put out all their spring fashion and I have scooped up some of my favorties for the kids! So here is where we are shopping and what I am loving most for the kiddos this spring!

Old Navy! My favorite for all the basics. This spring I am loving their shoe selection (blue suede slip on for boys) and ruffle onsies for addison where the shirt is over a onsie, so you get the look of cute T but coverage of a onsie, these are the best and come in so many cute patterns!

Osh Kosh- This is my first time shopping here and I love every piece I purchased! Everything is so soft and feels like great quality. I love the details of metalic prints and cute buttons on several of their items.

Carters: Another great go to store. Their clothes tend to shrink or run small so if in between sizes, size up.

Gap- I call this my stretch store, but there are always a few special items I will buy from here (on sale) this spring, its this adorable pink lazer cut dress that addison will wear for easter!

Target: Because DUH! How can you not pick up a few things when you pass by the aisles.

My Shopping Tips:

When shopping for the kiddos I love sticking to one set color scheme so we are able to make the most of our clothes my mixing and matching pieces! So picking out items in colors and patterns that are versitile is key.

-Toddler Tip: Clark is at the age he wants to pick out his clothes more and more. When everything mix and matches, no matter what he picks out will coordinate and he can still look put together.

Pick out clothes that layer! Here in Texas, we don’t need heavy winter coats but I still ove to have jackets or sweaters I can throw on the kiddos in the morning.

Size Up, these kiddos are growing so fast and clothes seam to cost so much these days so I always shop the sales and size up, so we can make the most of each piece.

Hope you get some great ideas for some great clothing options for your kiddos that are cute and practical for spring time picnics, playdates at the park and strawberry picking this spring! Can't wait for all the fun in stores! Happy Shopping!

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