Inspire Childhood: Pillows With Purpose

Hey Yall! I’m so thrilled you want in on the big news! I have been so excited to share about this project I have been working on with you but as I am still ironing a few details I only want to tell my closet friends first. Can I trust you to keep a secret?

Good! A few weeks ago as I was working around the house, my mind going a mile a minute with all the things to do and suddenly my thoughts came pilling together and hit me straight in the head with an idea that I haven’t stopped thinking about and working towards since. When I got this idea I literally got goose bumps as it was the perfect combination of all my loves and interests boiled into one happy place! A project that combined my both love for design and décor, my passion for inspiring and motivating others and a way to give back to a community I love dearly!

This idea is for a children’s pillow line. A collection of seasonal mix and match pillowcases that offers a stylish solution for your space but filled with fun, playful patterns and branded with motivational words and witty phrases that will inspire and delight audiences of all ages!

These pillowcases are not just for décor, with playful prints and patterns these pillows transform a room into a space your imagination can run wild! Through a child’s eye, his bed becomes a runaway wagon of robbers barreling down the dirt streets of that old country town, being chased by the sheriff who is narrowing in on his pursuit. These pillows give that young artist who draws all day in her room the daily reminder to pursue her passion as she stares at the "DREAM BIG" Pillow that lay at the head of her bed. These pillows encourage our children to daydream. They inspire childhood!

Even more, I want these pillows to be a way in which I can give back to others. When you purchase a pillow, a portion will be set aside to fund a meaningful project. I am still coordinating these plans, but hope to make arrangements to install and decorate rooms for children who don’t have a bedroom to dream in, or perhaps have limitations because of special needs and are sleeping on the couches of living rooms because their home doesn’t accommodate wheelchair access that they require. You see in my role as a pediatric nurse educator, I see all these situations. I see the kiddos living on exposed wood floors or a family of six living in a one room trailer, their families doing everything they can to provide for their needs unable to take care of their wants. I would love to provide these kiddos with a space (big or small) that they can call their own, to play in, to dream in, to just be a kid for that moment in time.

So yall, there it is, my daydream that I am tirelessly working to make a reality. I told you I have a lot of big thoughts! Currently, Pillowcases are in production and I am working to have our website up and running in the next few weeks! I hope to launch the full site grand opening on July 2nd and I will be announcing a pre-launch date soon where you can order your pillows ahead of time. There are still many details to iron out, many plans to set in place but when you find a passion that sets your heart of fire as much as this project does, I feel compelled to act.

Thank you so much for following along in this endeavor! I am so thrilled that you are here apart of this journey. I know we have friends all across the country and I am happy to have you help to inspire childhood in each of our communities!

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