Ignite their imagination: Decorating with Quotes

Since I was a young girl, I have always loved quotes. You could find them taped to my bedroom wall, saved in my phone, or on a vision board I kept next to where I got ready each morning. I would read those words "dream big", "I can & I will", " Great things never came from comfort zones" and feel inspired and ready to take on the day full force. Isn't it amazing what reading a short saying or few words can do to make you feel inspired, motivated, encouraged, loved. What a powerful thing!

Since then, quotes have become one of my favorite sources of home decor, especially when decorating a play room or kids space! How awesome to pick a fun saying that will inspire them to be their best, calls on them to create or ignites their imagination! I know from my experience that seeing these words repetitively does in fact send a message that makes a difference in how they will see the world and shape the people they become!

Today I am sharing a few of my favorite sources of quotes to display as decor in your home! There are so many ways to incorporate these words: through wall art, on a night stand, on a chalkboard, on a bookshelf, or that encouraging note in a lunchbox. Check out these sources and I hope you are inspired to add quotes into your home!

Minted: Beautiful works of all kinds. Can choose size and framing to customize your look! (top row of prints)

Lindsay Letters: Fun Canvas and digital downloads. Love her seasonal prints that you can switch up through out the year.

Salty Fox Printables: Cute Etsy shop with over 200+ different options. Plus this trendy Favorite "work hard & Be nice to people"

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