First Trimester

I have been so fortunate this time around to have had such a healthy start to my pregnancy. My biggest concern in getting pregnant this second time was my history of hyperemesis during my first trimester and severe eclampsia in my third trimester. Thankfully, so far I have been doing great!

We found out as early as we possibly could that we were expecting baby #2, at 10 DPO (days past ovulation) I was felt a bit under the weather like I was catching a bad cold and it hit me from stories of others, this could be a pregnancy sign. So first thing after waking up that morning I took a test, and sure enough, two pink lines popped up on the test strip! I was so thrilled as Ryan and I had just started trying 1/3/17 and it was less than three weeks later 1/25/17. I couldn't believe our luck and felt shocked to concieve in such a short time frame when it took almost two years to concieve our first. Clark woke up just after taking the test so I swooped him up and had him hand the test to daddy, who was still sleeping in bed, and say "Daddy, big brother!" It took Ryan a few moments to adjust from waking up but he was just as excited for the news!

We had our first OB appointment on 2/28/17 and saw our sweet baby for the first time. He/she was measuring at 7 weeks 2 days and our due date was set for October 15th. We absolutely love my OB/GYN , Dr. Oliver. She delievered Clark and was so wonderful to us through his pregnancy and made me feel so comfortable and cared for despite my complications. We discussed our plan for this baby and we are keeping a closer eye out for indicators of high blood pressure early on this time around. Our plan is do complete labs regularly throughout my 40 weeks and start on a baby asprin regimine daily, which has shown the potential to reduce chance of eclampsia by about 10-25%. We will also go in for weekly check ups my entire 3rd trimester to monitor BP/weight gain etc. Anything to keep mom and baby as healthy as can be or reduce the risk of delivering early!

First Trimester Week By Week

Week 3-5: Having found out so early on that we were expecting, the first few weeks were quite comfortable and I felt like my normal self, besides being overall more fatigued . Which was great because Ryan and I had a trip to DC/NYC planned and I was quite worried my morning sickness would start while we were on the plane. Thankfully, we made it through the trip with no issues at all.

Week 6: I began to get slightly nauseous regularly through out the day. It was just enough turn in my stomach to not feel great, but thankfully just eating and having some food on my stomach, would make the nausea go away and I would feel much better. I kept peanut butter crackers on me at all times and still do for those moments it would pick up again. I also started to have bad headaches randomly through out the week. They felt like a brick hit me smack dab on the forehead. They typically last several hours and come a couple days a week. I was thrilled to have headaches though and not be vomitting. Ill take that trade off any day after being sick so constantly for weeks and weeks through Clark's pregnancy. With these symptoms, also came the urge to pee constantly. I drink around 100 oz water a day which probably added to this reason I have to go every 1-2 hours.

Week 7: In addition to continuing all week 6 symptoms, I completely lost my sense of taste. I could not taste anything and started trying foods heavily saused or seasoned. This lasted a few weeks and once they came back I have a whole new cravings for fruity and tart food which was completely opposite of myself.

Week 8 &9: followed about the same symptoms as prior weeks. I began to notice a bump starting to take shape and my outift choices slowly started to narrow down as my waist expanded. Part of me thought this was just a bloat, but it hasn't gone down since!

Week 10: I started to have more energy and my nausea was much more spread out so my snacking decreased and I returned to eating regular meals. I started working out again and walking or jogging at whatever pace felt right. I was never able to work out when I was pregnant with Clark and I am thrilled to feel good enough to this time around. I am very hopefully staying active will also help me to avoid getting preeclampsia this time around.

We had another OB appointment again this week at 10 weeks 4 days. Baby is measuring right on track. We could see his/her little heart beating but didn't get to hear it this time around. Baby was all sprawled out and those legs were wide open. If only we were further along, it would have been the perfect position to tell if we are due with a little boy or girl! I loved seeing the growth in such a short time. It is always amazing to see the life that is taking shape.

Week 11 &12: I am feeling really very good these days. The headaches continue from time to time but overall I just feel so good! It has been such a blessing to have breezed through the first semester with such minimal symptoms and know that baby is doing well!

Looking forward: In this second trimester I am grealy looking foward to finding out the gender of our sweet baby, feeling kicks and seeing how my body handles the start of the Texas summer while pregnant. I think alot of snow cones and pool days will be in our future!

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