Embracing Bedrest: 6 Things To Do On Bedrest

After the nerves settled of being placed on bedrest and the weight that comes with the possibility of having a premie baby, I began to find ways to fill my days. At first, in the hours of sitting in bed, all I could do was be consumed by the thoughts of what if's. What if my blood pressure spikes? What if she fails another NST? What if she isn't breathing when they deliver her? So many worries and unknowns for this Type A mommy who whats to know and be control of it all. But after the first two weeks went by and I packed everything I needed and had rooms set up for her arrival and plans in place for Clark when the day comes, I realized that my worry will not keep her from arriving earlier (if anything, it may cause her to come sooner) and I began to embrace bedrest.

I found that there are alot of positives about this quiet restful phase of my life and even in bed, many productive things can be done. Don't get me wrong, days when my pressures are high, I feel like doing absolutely nothing and asleep in bed is right where I want to be. On other days, when I am feeling myself, I love to still have purpose to my days. I came up of a list of things to do on bed rest to help occupy my mind and time.

1. Online Shoping/ Baby Prep: When I was placed on bedrest at 26 weeks, we had some of what we needed for baby but not quite everything. When your not even in your third trimester you dont think to have a fully stocked nursery on hand. Thankfully, these days, there is online shopping! You can find and purchase just about anything and everything needed for baby from the comfort of your bed, while still following doctors orders. It's almost therapeutic to shop and have the sense of preparation for the arrival of your new little one.

2. Reflection/ Journaling: Through the quiet of being at home, I found that I had more time to really hear my own thoughts. I wasn't running around chasing my two year old, or distracted by work emails and this allowed me to reflect on my pregnancy, journey of motherhood and the excitement of what lies ahead. I always hoped to have time to document my pregnancy in someway to hold thost memories close forever. Bedrest allowed the perfect opportunity for this. I ordered (see online shopping!) a pregnancy journal from promptly journals that gave me the perfect place to write down my thoughts/feelings to record as a keepsake for all time. Its a great journal and you can find yours here!

3. Read A Book: Remember that last time you had hours on end to imerse yourself in the pages of a good book? Well... neither do I! But now is the time! Pick up a book you have been dying to read and get to it!

4. Movies: With hours in the day to rest and relax, fill your time with a good movie! I suggest nothing too action packed or suspenseful so your blood pressures don't get too elevated from your "leisurely" activity

5. Scrapbook: I have always loved scrapbooking but after Clark was born I just did not have the time while trying to balance a baby, now toddler, new job, the new role of being a wife and a mom! There are just too many other things that ranked in importance. But I love having the time now to go back through our memories together as a family and create beautiful pages that we can look over and share together.

6. Sleep: I remember after Clark was born, I slept an average of 3-4 hours a night for the first year and thought I would never feel rested again. Im guessing becoming a mom of two and having a newborn in the house again, things will be about the same... so I'm taking advantage of bedrest to in fact rest and sleep anytime I feel fatigued. If only I could store these extra hours of sleep to use once the baby is here!

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