Creepy Crawly Home Decor

Halloween is creeping in! Can you believe it is already October and time to get out all the creepy crawly halloween decor! Halloween has never been a holiday I looked forward to. I was not a big candy eater as a kid and being goofy and dressing up, was just not my thing. However, since this little bug came along, I have truely embraced and loved ALL the holidays with him!

This year the halloween decor came out just a little early while it was still september, but that's close enough right? I kept the decor scheme pretty simple black and whites with pops of orange and lots of texture and patterns! Patterns are playful and so are kids, so naturally, I feel the two should go together!

In our house, we have this beautiful farmhouse table that my husband built when we moved in. I love to have it displayed at all times, so I generally choose to use a table runner rather than a table cloth as my base. After years of kids eating at it and making their marks, I may choose a table cloth, but that is the beauty of decor. It's easy to hid what you don't want seen!

To add height and interest, I used my glass candle sticks with white candles. They are far enough from the edges of the table that kiddos hands can't reach and work perfect to adding that eerie halloween feel! Pumpkins are a must this time of year! I got these from the dollar spot at target. So cute and so affordable. Black and grey pom poms add great texture and more interest to the table. Also, they are fun for tickling little ones too!

This white dish set I recieved from my wedding has been wonderful and works for every occasion! It has been a favorite of mine. Just add a creapy spider and instantly this traditional dinnerware is now a halloween dish set!

When not used as decor spiders and pumpkins become festive toddler toys! Clark was so excited to be apart of helping mommy decorate and pom pom tickles and spider play kept him entertained for quite some time. I know he is too young to remember these moments now, but I will always cherish my fun time with him as we get in the holiday spirit!

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