Clark's All Star Sports Room

I can't believe my little boy is already old enough to transition to a big boy bed! It has been exciting and bitter sweet to reach this milestone, another reminder that time goes by to fast and he will not stay little forever. I thought for a while on how to make his room and this transition a special one and after discovering star wall paper, my vision was instantly formed!

Since 1 year old, Clark has loved sports! As in: wake up, eat and go outside to play ball. I think he would sleep with his bat and glove if I let him. Ryan and I love his interest in sports, as ryan and I met at an intermural football game and both grew up playing every sport imaginable! It has been so much fun to teach him how to swing a bat, kick a soccer ball and watch his love for the games grow! Already he will sit and watch golf side by side with Ryan, Cheer on our San Antonio Spurs and yell "kick that ball" at the TV screen while watching soccer! So it was an obvious choice to choose sports as the theme for his room!

When deciding elements of Clark's All Star Sports Room, there were a few things I wanted to achieve: playful, inspiring, minimal. I wanted him to walk in his room and instantly love and want to be there all the time, without being too overstimulating where he wouldn't nap. The room itself is not huge, so keeping furniture pieces in scale with the room was key. I choose this bed from wayfair for its masculine finish, ease of assembly and durability. I love that we can transition this for any style as clark grows up. You can find the exact bed here. We wanted to keep the bed low to the ground so we opted for an 8in memory foam mattress also from wayfair and did not use a box spring, instead placing plywood down until he is older and we want to add more height.

I found the perfect sheets from target that incorporate every main sport and bring in a playful print and bright colors! They were an instant purchase we I found them in the store and also bought the matching quilt and pillow covers as well. Find them here and here. My favorite element in the room are the fun sports pillows from The Land of Nod! Not only do the enhance the sports theme, but I knew we would have fun tossing them around and shooting them into wire basket as well. I love that they are so plush and would cause minimal damage if they knock into anything. Just imagine the fun pillow fights we have in store for us!

My favorite element to Clark's Room, which inspired the entire theme were these amazing Star Decal Stickers from Project Nursery/Urban Walls. Each Star is 13 in each and stuck right to the walls. We opted for an alternating stripe pattern and I just love the spacing and how it looks! I choose silver to match the accents in the night stand and other grey tones in the room. The stars come in every color so you can really customize your space. My mom helped put all of them up since I am on bed rest, she did an amazing job and said she was so surprised by how easy they were to install. Adding the accent wall really enhances the entire space and adds another playful element I just love!

Night stands and lamps are from the pillowfort collection at Target. I love the locker industrial look to the night stands that tie in silver star stickers on the wall. the lamps are so fun as well and come in so many colors! It was important to me that we choose a lamp with no switch as Clark would lean over and have the potential of falling while turing on the light. These lamps you just tap and the light comes on! So Cool!

With the size of the room I did not want to add many additional bulky elements so I opted for these modern shelves to serve as a bookshelf. There work perfectly and I couldn't be more pleased! Find them here on Wayfair. Laundry hamper and curtains we transferred over from Clark's nursery, they are also from target.

I grew up with a love of quotes and had to incorportate these famous sayings and words I heard regularly from some very important coaches in my life! I hope they are inspiring to Clark not only as he participates in sports but also in his journey of life as he works towards his goals. I plan to paint the frames orange and green to add an extra pop of color. But until Im off of bed rest, this will have to do.

From Clark's Reaction when he walked into the room, full smile shouting "my new bed" I'd say he loves it! He named every sport picture on his sheets and balls were thrown everywhere. It was so fun to see my vision come to life and create such a fun space for my special boy! After about an hour of playing with ball pillows, he decided a nap was in order and there was no getting him out of his new bed!


Star Stickers: Project Nursery

Locker Night Stand: Target

Sports Sheets: Target

Basketball Pillow: Land of Nod

Bed: Wayfair

Wire Basket: Target

Cool Dude Banner: Land of Nod

Wayne Gretsky Quote: Esty

Baseball Pillow: Land of Nod

#1 Personalized Art: Minted

Desk Lamp: Target

Striped Basket: Target

Football Pillow : Land of Nod

Soccer Pillow: Land of Nod

Customized Art: Minted

Hard Work Quote: Etsy

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