Bed Rest Week #2 Update

Week #1 of bedrest was very successful! After our doctor placed me on bedrest tuesday 7/10. I showed great improvements as evidence by a weight loss of 5lbs, loss of edema in my feet/calfs, BP back to baseline with the occasional 130's/80's and positive reinforcement from the doctors. Little miss did well on her test too last week although she didn't quite have as many diaphram movements as we would like, fluid levels, movement and heart rate all looked good.

Today we had our second follow up visit and repeated the same BPP Ultrasound (biophysical profile) and NST (non-stress test) Baby looked great in the ultrasound, smiling away and grabbing at her feet. She showed good pockets of amniotic fluid and we saw many more diaphram movements, which made this mama proud! Our NST however, which tests for variables in heart rate with movement, were less encrouaging. After being on the monitors to watch babies heart rate, we did not see the increase in heart rate that we hope for. After 20 minutes or so on the monitor, the nurse took our stip to the doctor, some time later,our doctor came in and let us know she didn't quite see what she was looking for and we would try a bit longer. After about an hour in total, Dr. Oliver came back in and with the same non-reactive results we disussed our plan mving foward. Dr. Oliver felt good that baby was moving well and had a steady heart beat however with a negative test we need to further investigate to be sure there is not another root cause. There is a chance we got a false negative, so we are going back in to repeat the NST tomorrow morning. If we again get a non-reactive result then we will schedule a specialized ultrasound that will look in utero at blood flow, pressures and acid base balances.

What does all that even mean? Thats what I was thinking! Well my doctor didn't go into much detail, likely because why cause worry if there is not yet proof we need to (good doctor) in my little research and knowledge it comes down to that at certain acidities in utero the chances of hypoxemia or reduced oxygen flow can occur, meaning baby isn't getting all the oxygen they need. They thought of that is too overwhelming for what that could cause so Im not letting my brain go there and just hoping for the best come tomorrow.

There is a good chance everything is A-Okay, but my nurse brain keeps kicking in thinking of a million and one scenarios + those mommy hormones add in an extra layer of fun! The difficult part too is knowing there is little I can do differently as all of these things are just the way my body is processing and reacting. In some ways that brings peace that we can only trust in the larger plan at hand and feel blessed to have the tools of modern medicine to discover and monitor these issues and a wonderful doctor and medical team who are so knowledgeable and care for our little girl whever she makes her arrival!

Thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers as we continue on this journey!

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