Babymoon: The First Six Weeks

These first six weeks as a family of four have been nothing short of a dream, maybe because I am in a constant sleep deprived state where day and night are often confused, but nonetheless I love these blissful days together. I have often referred to this time as our babymoon! It defiantly is a time where things feel happy and positive and we are on a high of baby love!

We spent our first few days after Addison was born at the hospital. She had jaundice and required some extra care and treatment on the bilirubin light. We were pretty quickly discharged once her numbers improved and It was so nice to all be under once roof once home. My parents were a huge help while we were in the hospital and in the first week of having Addison. They brought us food, took care of clark and had the house so tidy for us when we returned home. I know I could not have gotten through the first week with out them.

Clark has embraced his role as a big brother! He absolutely adores his sister. When he first met her, he was amazed that they had so much in common. He exclaimed "she has feet, I have feet" (a childs perspective is always the best haha) and since then he has only found more and more similarities. He is such a sweet boy to her. Everytime she wakes up, he wants to kiss her. When Addison cries, he tells me "she needs her milk". He likes to help burp her after feedings and always throws away her dirty diapers. Yes, dream child! now if only I can train him to change them too :)

Now we have times too that he would prefer to have all the mommy attention to himself and says "thats my mommy" but thanks to daniel tiger and reinforcing that "there's time for you and baby too" I have tried my best to balance the needs of Addison, followed by loving on Clark so he knows he matters just as much! I know these moments will pass quickly and soon they will be playing together, not even wanting mommy but only each other. I hope they have such a close bond and friendship as brother and sister.

I'll admit, I have had some insecurites about becoming a girl mom. I always pictured myself a boy mom, likely because I grew up around my brother and his friends 24/7. It came naturally being a mom to Clark. He loves to cuddle and play and I love that he natrually loves sports, just as we do. I was nervous that being a mom to a girl would be different but it has been a greater joy than I ever expected.

The first month, we kept Clark in daycare to keep him in his typical routine. This also allowed me to have lots of one on one bonding time with Addison and boy do I love our sweet moments together. Once Clark was at daycare, we would spend the day together, just us girls. My favorite moments came after nursing. I would hold her cuddled against my chest skin to skin. The house quiet and still while sweet lullabies played on my phone. I could sit in the moments forever feeling her soft warm skin against mine. Her little hands softly gripping my finger. Staring into her big brown eyes, admiring her beauty and thinking of all that lies ahead for her life and our time together. I have so many hopes for our relationship together, so many experinces I look forward to: baking, organizing, make believe, holidays, boys, proms, weddings. I want to teach her to be strong, independent, caring, kind, to look at the glass half full, stand up for whats right, to forgive quickly, and love everyone!

It's be so wonderful to see Ryan grow as a father to Clark and Addison. Each year he matures on this journey of fatherhood, becoming more fun, loving and patient as different experiences arise. He has been so smitten by his beautiful baby girl. He always compliments her saying "your the most beautiful girl on this side of the mississippi" He would tell you he can't ever get enough hugs and cuddles with his little girl and he lights up every time she looks his way! Especially now that she flashes her smile at us from time to time. He already told her she has to be 30 to date and he isn't afraid to woop any boy that comes around before then lol

The question I have recieved most often is how has it been with two kids? Honestly, I have no complaints. Life has been pretty perfect with such a calm, sweet baby and caring, fun loving boy. Yes, we have our chaotic moments, stresses and sleepless nights, but this is what we asked for and prayed for: to be a growing family and blessed with babies to love! I am so in love with our family of four, we are definalty counting our blessing each and every day.

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