Adventures Together: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

I don't know of a more beautiful, tranquil location than The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. This place holds so much meaning in my heart because it is where Ryan and I got married almost 2 years ago in an evening ceremony the day after Thanksgiving. I love that we can visit here as much as we want and it makes it even more special to bring clark to visit! Which is what we did last weekend!

I never realized when we booked our wedding that the wildflower center actually has so many activities for people of all ages. They have several long walking trails, butterfly gardens, kids center, cafe, sight tower with views of downtown. It truely is an texas oasis nestled into south Austin. Just look how beautiful this place is!!

We spent most of our time in the family garden and there was so much for Clark to do! Nestled around this curve is a giant field for the little ones to run around in. Clark was interested in seeing every little thing, and wanted to say Hi to any ants or bugs he saw so we had frequent stops... Boys! To get him to hurry was a game of chase daddy! Thankfully it worked, otherwise we would have been there until closing time.

On the other side of the field is a super neat kids area that featured running water, a cave, teepees, kids maze. The center also had a craft activity for the kids to try out that takes place every saturday from 10-11am. Knowing this, I am sure we will be back for many more outdoor activities, can you say annual membership! If I was to guess, I think Clark had the most fun with this water well.... and really I thought it was pretty awesome too!

Kids Crafts! Daddy was a good assistant to Clarks Masterpiece. Today the glued crushed leaves onto a paper in the shape of a leaf. Great Sensory Play!

I dont know about you, but my little one is always playing in dirt! I did not teach him to do that it is just rooted in his DNA I suppose.

This smile just melts my heart! I love seeing him so happy to explore and discover his world! These butterfly chairs were so cool and spaced out all over the wildflower center! Clark didn't want to sit down but maybe for .0003 seconds and then he was off again :)

When the heat started to get to us, remember although late October, this is Texas and it was HOT! We went indoors and the boys colored. Ryan took his drawing so seriously and we had to stay until he finished it all, even though Clark was running around ready to move on to the next! I forget that even though he is a dad, men are still boys at heart :)

I definately reccomend visiting the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center with your family if you are in Austin or next time you are in for a visit! It is a beautiful family friendly outing for the entire family to enjoy!

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