A Letter To You

Dear Sweet Little One,

I can’t believe we are days away from meeting you. I am so ready to hold you in my arms and shower you with love. In these last days, I can’t help but reflect on our journey with you, we have come so far together.

I remember the day you became a thought in our minds. It was a couple months after our failed adoption. Your dad stared over at me while I was cooking in the kitchen. Catching his stare, he walked over and pulled me in tightly. Gazing down at me, He asked, “What do you think about trying again for our own” He wanted to give conceiving another shot, and I agreed it was worth a try.

Just a month later, on the first Saturday of February, I was shocked when I took a pregnancy that read positive! After taking years to conceive Clark, I was amazed how the thought of you so quickly became a reality. In that moment I knew you were specifically placed in our lives, you were meant to be our sweet baby. Your brother broke the news to your dad. He handed him the pregnancy test and said “I big brother” We all broke out in smiles and tears of happiness. We were ecstatic by the news!

The news was confirmed at our first OB visit when she pointed you out as a small dot on the ultrasound. There you were and so quickly we watched you grow at each visit. At our 20 week ultrasound you were already a tiny human. They pointed out your eyes and ears, your arms and legs. They showed us the two halves to your brain and how all your major organs were in place. We watched your heart beat strong and were amazed by all that you could already do. Then at the very end, they pointed and said, “It’s a GIRL!” We were thrilled.

At exactly 20 weeks, I felt your first kicks. I was surprised to feel them so soon and with such strength as you beat on my belly. By the force of the movements, something told me you were going to be a girl of strength and resilience.

Carrying you was going so smoothly the first 6 months! I was so happy to feel strong and healthy with minimal morning sickness. Then I began to feel off and scheduled an early appointment with my OB at 26 weeks after gaining 9 lbs and catching some elevated blood pressures at home. That day, Dr. Oliver walked into the room and said “welcome to bedrest” I was scared and nervous and had so many thoughts and fears running through my mind. Most of which involved your health. I knew it was too soon for you to be born. We spoke about our goals to make it to 32 weeks before delivery. If we made it to 32 weeks we would aim to 34 and then to 36. We needed to continue the pregnancy as long as possible for you to develop and grow. That day changed a lot of things, but we adjusted our routine, gained a lot of help from the kindest of friends and neighbors and rested all that I could to help you become big and strong.

Now, here we are at 36 weeks! 10 weeks on bed rest together, what a team we make! We have surpassed every goal we started with and we know that you are resilient, strong and with great abilities to be born. Although, I am nervous about labor and delivery, I know I will be handed the most wonderful gift when they place you in my arms. I cannot wait to study your sweet face and feel your little hand squeezing my finger. I look forward to seeing your dad light up when he holds you for the first time; I know you are going to melt his heart! It will be so fun to see how your brother reacts to meeting you. He is so excited for you. At home he points to my belly all the time and says, “that’s my sister!” He is so proud to call you his. We are all so thrilled to meet you sweet little one. You are already so loved by so many.

All My love,


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