You want to use your voice for good.

You know what you offer can empower others and make a difference.

But you’re stuck on how to turn your passion into actual profit and progress.

I’m here to help.


The Truth: In a world of noise, any old message won’t captivate your audience.

The Truth: With so many messages competing for attention, only those willing to BE BOLD will STAND OUT.

The Truth: Something that doesn’t stand out doesn’t sell.


Even though the truth might seem ugly, I think it’s a beautiful realization.

You know what that means?

We get the chance to make a statement that actually matters.

Why would you want it any other way?

I want to help you craft an Empowering Message


A message that empowers your audience to become the best version of themselves with your offer.

A message that empowers you and your organization to make your mark on the world, to start a movement, to make a statement that captivates your audience instead of just falling on deaf ears.

You are a world-changer.

You are a thriving revolutionary in business.

You are capable of building a brand they will remember, make a statement that matters, starting a movement that makes a difference!


You might just need a second set of hands and a little dose of clarity.


I’m your girl.


Launch Content Review

But this task doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders.

I know you have tried hard, put your heart into writing and still feel confused, concerned or are just not seeing the results you wanted.

There is a lot of things that could be wrong, off or even moving your audience in the other direction. (practically need a medical doctor to diagnosis the issues going on in your copy)

I want you to know….

Writing copy doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you hire an expert to turn your current launch sequence into a magnetic message for your offer!

So go ahead, kick your feet up and push that easy button.

It’s time to stop trying to DIY your message and instead Let’s Do It Together

You know your message is important. You hear it from experts all the time “message is -james wedmore but hiring a copywriter feels daunting, plus… you can’t wait months to get copy back for your program (ain’t nobody got time for that.)

and you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get it done (10k for sales page, what!)

What you do need though is help, new eyes and fresh perspective from a copy expert who can get you results… ASAP!


The fire alarms are already going off and wait one more minute your offer may just burn to the ground without being able to save it.

Don’t let that happen friend.

I see it all too often, entrepreneurs convince they can DIY their entire business, over committing your time and energy until you are left scrambling last minute, triple shot espresso in hand cramming to write your launch copy only to have a sloppy message that under performs even though you have an amazing program that can help others.

Your message is the most important part of your launch, without great copy the tech, modules, all the things won’t matter if nobody feels compelled through your message to sign up. (sad truth)

Here Is The Magic Waiting To Unfold For Your Business!

*Review complete launch sequence (landing page, sales page, sales email sequence) with custom edits for high converting copy

* Hands Off Copywriting: What are you going to do with all this free time, Teat Yo Self Friend! Grab a coffee, see a movie, work with a client while copy transforming into money making machine for your offer

*Strategy Call (Up to 90 minutes): Talk out content edits and key moves for your next launch so that you see maximum gains

* Cross This Off your to do list! Clients often spend upwards of 20 hours second guessing what to say to create a message that books out your offer, stop the stress and move forward confident in a message that will get you results

*Quick Results: Launch Reviews completed in 1 day! No more waiting and waiting, get the work done fast and see results immediately with your updated message!

Q + A: Bring your Q’s, I’ve got all the Answers!

*How do I know if my message needs work: just follow the numbers and dollar bills. You will know your message can use some improvements when conversions are low or just not seeing sign ups for your programs (but don’t worry long, I’m here to turn it all around for you!)

*This is my first launch, is this right for me? Congratulations friend! First launch, wow! Such an exciting time, This will certainly benefit you to get the most out of your first launch, however see the best improvements when working with clients who have at least one launch under their belts. If you feel your on the fence, just reach out (email) let’s talk it out together!

A-Z Launch Content Review

Here's Your Next Steps: 

-Choose Your Plan

-Make A Payment

-Pick A Date

-Submit Your Content + Answer a questionnaire

-Kick Up Your Feet (whew the hardest part is over!) 

3 payments of $550

(hint, hint: make it back on your launch before the last payment is due)

Ready To Get Started! 
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