The Circle is a community for women leading impact.

We believe in using your business as a platform for good. That business is more fun with friends and that women who are empowered to use their voice can change the world. 


Weekly classes by industry leading guest experts.

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A space for daily encouragement, weekly trainings and monthly impact that empowers you to turn your ideas into tomorrows reality.

We exist at the intersection of business x impact.

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made" -Ruth Batter Ginsburg

but being at the table and having a say in the decision are two different things. We don't want women to just be present. We want women to lead the change!

It began with the question: 

What if every woman knew how to use here voice?

And each time I ask this question, my mind lands on a different world changing answer.

A woman who stands up to domestic abuse.

A woman who challenges her boss for equal pay to her male counterpart.

A woman who can grow her business because she no longer hides her magic behind timid copy.

I honestly believe it is the answers to this question that have the potential to empower change and shape our world for the better.


When women know how to use their voice-they don’t just dream of change, they create it.

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Stand For A Cause. Make A Statement.