3 Steps to Creating the Perfect Toddler's Room

A child's room is such a transformative space in their lives. It is a place to play, imagine, explore, dream and discover. However, designing a room for your child can often be overwhelming. With so many ideas floating around the internet, you may wonder what to do and where do I start? Today, were breaking down the process and sharing how to create the perfect space for your child! Lets first start by simplifying the process. Each bedroom needs three main areas: A place to rest, a place to learn and a place to play and grow their imagination! Lets start with the easiest, a place to rest. Invest in a good bedframe and matress as this peice they can utilitze from a young age through their tee

Transitioning to a Gluten and Dairy Free Lifestyle

For awhile now I have not been feeling my best. I wake up nauseous, dizzy most days. I started noticing a rash on my arms that would itch from time to time, not what you want to show off in this season of tank tops and short sleeves. I have battled with brain fog and, forgetting words of things I just had in my hand or went to do. Every time I had a meal, my belly would become bloated, sometimes even after just a few bites. I felt like a minature michelin man because from my face to fingers, my whole body felt puffy. I also have a feeling of nervousness or shakiness and often want to sit down fromthe unsteadiness. I especially notice this feeling of shakiness, or jitteryness when I lay down

A Look Back: My Time on Bedrest

I year ago today, at 26 weeks pregnant with our sweet baby girl, I went on bedrest after developing pre-eclampsia. Walking into the doctors office that day I knew it was back. For about a week, I could feel the heaviness in my chest, I could feel the swelling in my hands, my rings suddly fitting too tight and my face was as puffy as a marshmellow roasting over a campfire. My whole body would ache with barely any activity and after stepping on the scale in the office, showing 9lb weight gain in a week, I knew I had pre-eclampsia and we would be fighting our way through the next few months to carry my baby to term. - We knew this could be our reality with baby #2. With my first, I had develop

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