Write This Down! Important Dates For Our Summer Launch

Hey Yall! I am so glad to have each of you who were able to join in this morning! Today I have so many fun details to share with you about the launch of our summer pillow collection! First off I wanted to give some back ground information for those who haven’t heard the full scoop! What I am doing: -Children’s Pillow line featuring playful prints and bold patterns designed with our mission in mind, to inspire childhood! Why I am doing it: - Childhood is meant to be playful, fun, and exciting. Your meant to push boundaries, take big leaps and dream of far away places. Our pillows transform a room into a delightful space and each collection speaks to the heart of a child through bold color, fu

Summer Essentials

It’s True Summer may not start for a few more weeks but with weather consistently in the 90’s here in Austin, It definitely feels like summer has arrived! Being a Texas girl, I love the warm weather but there are a few summer essentials I couldn’t do without. Here are my list of summer must haves for our family! Sunscreen: I know, it seams obvious. But you would be surprised how often and easy it is to forget to lotion up before a long day in the sun! I love this new product by Coppertone rather than the runny lotion or spray that always misses a spot, this sunscreen is in a whipped form that is super easy to apply and a lot of fun for the kids and offers the same great SPF 50 coverage. Hat:

Inspire Childhood: Pillows With Purpose

Hey Yall! I’m so thrilled you want in on the big news! I have been so excited to share about this project I have been working on with you but as I am still ironing a few details I only want to tell my closet friends first. Can I trust you to keep a secret? Good! A few weeks ago as I was working around the house, my mind going a mile a minute with all the things to do and suddenly my thoughts came pilling together and hit me straight in the head with an idea that I haven’t stopped thinking about and working towards since. When I got this idea I literally got goose bumps as it was the perfect combination of all my loves and interests boiled into one happy place! A project that combined my both

Homemade Peach Cobbler

I love the warm days that roll around the beginning of June, the mark to the start of summer. It means pool days, sunshine, sticky popsicle fingers and long nights eating al fresco on the front porch. Its also the start of Peach Season, a favorite of mine. Peaches are abundent around here as there are many orchards nearby in Fredericksburg. I get so excited for the first crop that becomes available, ready to sink my teeth into the flesh of that sweet juicy fruit! Even better than eating them straight from the orchards is baking up homemade peach cobbler, topped with a sweet vanilla ice cream! Its such a southern staple and an annual tradition of mine as soon as that first crop is available e

Ignite their imagination: Decorating with Quotes

Since I was a young girl, I have always loved quotes. You could find them taped to my bedroom wall, saved in my phone, or on a vision board I kept next to where I got ready each morning. I would read those words "dream big", "I can & I will", " Great things never came from comfort zones" and feel inspired and ready to take on the day full force. Isn't it amazing what reading a short saying or few words can do to make you feel inspired, motivated, encouraged, loved. What a powerful thing! Since then, quotes have become one of my favorite sources of home decor, especially when decorating a play room or kids space! How awesome to pick a fun saying that will inspire them to be their best, calls

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