Spring Refresh Challenge Week #2, Let's Get Shopping!

Hey Friend! I am so excited for week #2 of the spring refresh challenge because it is all about my favorite subject, shopping! I dont know about you but I could spend hours searching the internet for some amazing products and clothes, but with only 4 weeks left in our challenge we need to shop qucikly and smart to fill our carts with those key items on our list that will make a big impact in transforming our space for spring! But dont you worry, this will be an easy task because I am sharing my favorite adorable and afordable online stores to shop at for the perfect spring accents to spruce up your space and I think your going to love them all! So ladies, pour yourself a glass of rose and pu

Spring Room Refresh Challenge Week #1: Creating Your Shopping List

I am so thrilled that today kicks off the spring refresh challenge! Have you chosen which space you are going to revamp for spring? It was so challenging for me to pick what room I was going to make over, but have decided on our living room. It’s been piece milled together since college with items and could use a good refresh! (my living room inspiration: Photo @jillianharris) Now that we have chosen our space, it is time to get to work deciding what stays and what goes! Remember we have 6-week timeline and $500 limit so we want to work quickly to make intentional decisions for our space. I know its hard when you walk the aisles of target and just want all the things, but that will quickly d

Spring Room Refresh

Do you ever get that desire for a new look, fresh feel and pop of color to bring your room to life? Tired of living in a lackluster space or worried you can’t have a stylish space when living with kids? Good news is its all possible! I walk you through how to create your perfect space with intentional changes and additions that will transform your room to a space you are excited to come home to and never want to leave! Here are the details if your up for the challenge! Spring Room Refresh! Max Budget: $500 (yes, this is totally doable!) Timeline: 6 weeks (Starts Monday 3/19 Ends 4/23) Rules: Choose your space! Living Room, Dining room, play room? What space needs a little pick me up? Pick yo

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