A Letter To You

Dear Sweet Little One, I can’t believe we are days away from meeting you. I am so ready to hold you in my arms and shower you with love. In these last days, I can’t help but reflect on our journey with you, we have come so far together. I remember the day you became a thought in our minds. It was a couple months after our failed adoption. Your dad stared over at me while I was cooking in the kitchen. Catching his stare, he walked over and pulled me in tightly. Gazing down at me, He asked, “What do you think about trying again for our own” He wanted to give conceiving another shot, and I agreed it was worth a try. Just a month later, on the first Saturday of February, I was shocked when I too

Bump Update 30-34 weeks

This past month has felt like two extremes, full speed ahead and inching through the days. I am so thrilled that we have made it through several big milestones this month. I felt a huge since of relief once we were out of the 20's and made it to Week 30. Just as my nerves calmed, I had a big blood pressure spike 160's/90's around 30.5 weeks keeping me up all night. I felt steamy hot. I could feel my pulse pounding from my head to my toes. My chest felt like bricks lay on top of it, making it challenging to catch my breath. If it wasn't for having a prescheduled doctors appointment the next day we would have gone into the hospital that night. Looking back, we should have just gone in. Note t

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