Clark's All Star Sports Room

I can't believe my little boy is already old enough to transition to a big boy bed! It has been exciting and bitter sweet to reach this milestone, another reminder that time goes by to fast and he will not stay little forever. I thought for a while on how to make his room and this transition a special one and after discovering star wall paper, my vision was instantly formed! Since 1 year old, Clark has loved sports! As in: wake up, eat and go outside to play ball. I think he would sleep with his bat and glove if I let him. Ryan and I love his interest in sports, as ryan and I met at an intermural football game and both grew up playing every sport imaginable! It has been so much fun to teach

Bed Rest Week #2 Update

Week #1 of bedrest was very successful! After our doctor placed me on bedrest tuesday 7/10. I showed great improvements as evidence by a weight loss of 5lbs, loss of edema in my feet/calfs, BP back to baseline with the occasional 130's/80's and positive reinforcement from the doctors. Little miss did well on her test too last week although she didn't quite have as many diaphram movements as we would like, fluid levels, movement and heart rate all looked good. Today we had our second follow up visit and repeated the same BPP Ultrasound (biophysical profile) and NST (non-stress test) Baby looked great in the ultrasound, smiling away and grabbing at her feet. She showed good pockets of amnioti

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