The Perfect Mother's Day Breakfast

Our Family LOVES breakfast! not just a little, like a lot! My husband loves it so much so that he spoke about sharing his favorite meal in our wedding vows! It has always been our special time to sit down together as a family before the day takes us in its many directions. With Mother's Day just a few days away I wanted to share some of my favorite breakfast recipies to spoil your mother or yourself with this Sunday! They are all so easy and delicious and many you can make the night before and throw in the oven the morning of. Be sure to give these a try and I hope each of your has a very special and relaxing Mother's Day! German Pancakes: I grew up eating these with my Granny at our favorit

Our Journey in Adoption

I have struggled with how much to share of my personal life with friends and family. Some topics most dear to my heart and the hardest to share with people as I want to protect the issue, but to keep these things hidden and secret I have found makes it so much more difficult when it is a topic that I think about and reflect on daily! So Where to begin.... When I was 18, I was told I would not be able to concieve kids naturally. This news was absolutely devestating and took its toll on my life for what felt like quite some time. For anyone who knew me, I have always been a mom at heart and have had a love for kids since I was a kid myself. After some time, I adjusted to these new facts of my

A Work of Art

With Baby on the way, I have been on a mission to minimize our home. With all the things that accumulate having a little one it just adds so much clutter and chaos to everyday life! I decided to simplify our breakfast space and anchor the room with this one art pieces from minted. I love how playful this dancing dot print is while also tying in the colors from the rest of our home. Minted has so many beautiful pieces that are sure to create a stunning space! Be sure to check out all their works of art to find what is perfect for your home and use this link for $25 OFF your next purchase!!! What a deal!

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