Bonnets or Bowties?

The day is almost here for us to find out the gender of baby #2! We are so excited for our next OB appointment in two days and fingers crossed we will be able to find out the baby's gender. We will be 16 weeks at this appointment so a month earlier than we found out for Clark! At our last appointment, baby's legs were wide open and our doctor felt pretty confident if he/she is positioned the same this next time we will get a good glimpse to know the gender. Just for fun and games, I ran through the list of old wives tales, so now its time to make your best educated guess and let us know if you think blue or pink for baby #2!

Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Taking a spin on my grandmothers classic favorite banana bread! I have always loved to bake ever since I was little. So when free time happens on the weekend, Im sure to be whiping up something good! This weekend we had bananas left over from the week and so it was an ovious choice what we would make. I changed it up a little by adding peanut butter and increasing the oil to keep the bread moist and the results were extremely delicious! Peanut Butter Banana Bread: Bake: 300 F Time: 60 minutes Ingredients: Wet: 4 large bananas 1/3 oil 2 eggs 1/2 cup melted peanut butter Dry: 1 cup sugar 2 cup flour 1/4 tea salt 1 tea baking soda Instructions: Mix wet ingredients in a bowl and mix dry ingredie

First Trimester

I have been so fortunate this time around to have had such a healthy start to my pregnancy. My biggest concern in getting pregnant this second time was my history of hyperemesis during my first trimester and severe eclampsia in my third trimester. Thankfully, so far I have been doing great! We found out as early as we possibly could that we were expecting baby #2, at 10 DPO (days past ovulation) I was felt a bit under the weather like I was catching a bad cold and it hit me from stories of others, this could be a pregnancy sign. So first thing after waking up that morning I took a test, and sure enough, two pink lines popped up on the test strip! I was so thrilled as Ryan and I had just star

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