Three Cheese Mac N' Cheese

I think I may just fail my new years resolutions before I start, but for this three cheese mac n' cheese, it may just be worth it! They say you need to carb load before a big run, right? I am going to think of it as meal prep for my big work outs to come in the new year! THREE CHEESE MAC N' CHEESE Ingredients: 1 Box Elbow Noodles 2/3 cup smoked chedder cheese 2/3 cup smoked gouda with bacon (mmm!!) 2/3 cup monterary jack 2 TB minced garlic 3 TB Butter 1/2 cup milk Salt & Peper for flavor Minced Cilantro & Peper Flakes as topping Instructions: 1. Boil noodles, be sure to add salt to the water for flavor 2. Turn oven to 400 degrees and prep baking dish with no stick spray 2. Once pasta is sof

Holiday Home Tour

The Holidays are so much fun and I love to celebrate that cheer with festive holiday décor in our home! There is something about pops of red that just make my heart excited and feel the joy of the holidays! Last year was our first Christmas in our House on Herzog. Ryan had to work his shift at the hospital and was not home to celebrate, so I kept the décor pretty minimal. However, this year, we will get to celebrate our first Christmas together as a family of three on Christmas Day! I am so thrilled to start these memories together so forgive me if the décor is a little over board. Our home is quite small so it was imarative to have a design that flowed well from room to room. I tried my bes

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