Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie

Holidays are always a favorite time of year for us and they are especially great because we get to indulge our sweet tooth so much!! This is my husband's recipe and has become our signature dish at every holiday gathering! We love this chocolate chip pecan pie because not only is it so easy to make, it is soooo delicious!!! Top it with ice cream for an even sweeter bite and a slice for breakfast is reccomended too ;) Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie: 1 ½ Cup Pecan Halves ½ Cup Chocolate Chips 1 Tb All-Purpose Flour 3 large Eggs 1 cup Brown Sugar 1 cup light corn syrup ½ tea vanilla extract ¼ cup butter, melted Pie crust: store bought Bake 375 1. Lay pie crust in greesed pie pan 2. Spread pecan halfs

The Inside Scoop

For those of us living with lactose intolerance, life can be quite discouraging trying to navigate the culinary world without dairy. Life without pizza with football and dessert sin a la mode is quite despairing. I was always extremely envious of those who enjoyed the creamy goodness without consequences. And then, a wonderful thing happened as food allergies and food intolerance issues gained more awareness. Several wonderful companies created lactose free ice cream and the world has been a much sweeter place since! I will admit that I was actually very hesitant to trying the new varieties. It has been well over a year since I have eaten ice cream and I feared a bad reaction to one of thei

Adventures Together: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

I don't know of a more beautiful, tranquil location than The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. This place holds so much meaning in my heart because it is where Ryan and I got married almost 2 years ago in an evening ceremony the day after Thanksgiving. I love that we can visit here as much as we want and it makes it even more special to bring clark to visit! Which is what we did last weekend! I never realized when we booked our wedding that the wildflower center actually has so many activities for people of all ages. They have several long walking trails, butterfly gardens, kids center, cafe, sight tower with views of downtown. It truely is an texas oasis nestled into south Austin. Just l

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